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Fine Line Tattoo


60 minutes

Please read the important information below prior to booking.

Important Information

  • Kindly avoid bringing extra guests to your appointment

  • Bank transfer is the preferred payment method at your appointment.


Prices start from £25.

For image based tattoos - I will require a BLACK & WHITE picture of your tattoo idea in order to create a stencil.


These tattoos are thin and delicate in nature, and require NO SHADING.

They can be permanent but because of their delicate nature, they may require touch ups.

Pricelist from October 2022

Images -

Finger tatts £25 each or 2/£40

Small fine line tattoo up to 3x3cm £45

Medium fine line tattoo up to 7x7cm £60

Large Fine line tattoos up to 12x12cm £85

Script -

Finger tatts £35 each or 2/£50

Small fine line script tattoo up to 3x3cm £50

Medium fine line script tattoo up to 7x7cm £70

Large Fine line tattoos up to 12x12cm £95

Aftercare kit £5

Red ink £5

Numbing £2.50

For bigger tattoo sizes please request a quote.


Booking Terms

Appointment times are reserved especially for you!❤️❤️

Being on time for your appointment is greatly appreciated to ensure that you receive your full service and other clients are not inconvenienced.💜

Please keep in mind that no shows or last minute cancellations will unfortunately leave your beautician with an empty slot which could have been utilised by another client.

This is why a non refundable deposit is required to act as an inconvenience fee in such situations, and a minimum of 24 hour advance notice is required to reschedule an appointment.

Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated ❤️❤️

1. Deposits: A non refundable deposit to secure an appointment slot.

2. Rescheduling: Your deposit is transferrable as long as a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.


4. Time keeping: Lateness after 20 minutes will automatically incur a £10 late/inconvenience fee

My policies apply universally to everyone without exception.

Thank you.

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